Arboreal Tree Climbing System - All Inn Kit


The Arboreal Tree Climbing Kit is a climbing system that can be easily installed onto trees, poles, and columns. The kit includes hand holds of various sizes and shapes, base plates to mount the holds , and adjustable straps used to securely fasten around the tree. Arboreal handholds can be relocated in many different formations in order to customize the climb for any ability level. No power tools are required to setup Arboreal, and the system is gentle on trees. The Arboreal Tree Climbing Kit is perfect for a backyard adventure, camp activity, or ropes course.

This kit includes
  • Arboreal 12M (30x grip)
  • Trublue Autobelay
  • Universal Mount
  • 2 Harness (Half-body)
  • Self Belay
  • Belay Gate
  • 3 years warranty + 3 years service

Only for customers in Scandinavia.

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