What is Nonstop Belay?

One frequent complaint we hear about auto belays is the significant downtime required for annual service appointments. To clarify, these yearly service appointments are essential to ensure compliance with third-party safety standards like CE and ANSI. Given that TRUBLUE Auto Belays are life safety devices, we take this recertification process very seriously and mandate that every TRUBLUE device adheres to the annual service requirements. Failing to comply will void the warranty.

We understand that having your TRUBLUE Auto Belay device out of service for several weeks each year is highly inconvenient for most facilities. You invested in your device and want to maximize its usage. Downtime for auto belays is not ideal for anyone. That's why we created the Nonstop Belay service plan to tackle this issue.

Nonstop Belay is our premium, all-inclusive service plan. It was primarily designed to handle device recertification and prevent downtime, but it also offers numerous additional benefits at a low monthly cost.

How Does the Nonstop Belay Service Program Work?

With Nonstop Belay, instead of waiting until your service date, we automatically send you a freshly serviced TRUBLUE Auto Belay about 10 days before your current device is due for service. The replacement device arrives ready to mount, complete with new, pre-installed webbing.

Nonstop Belay operates similarly to a propane tank exchange. Although you might not always have the same physical device, this is not a rental program. You retain ownership of your TRUBLUE Auto Belay and can opt out of the Nonstop Belay program at any time without penalty.

Shipping is free for all devices enrolled in Nonstop Belay. To simplify the process further, return shipping tags are included in the box. When your replacement Auto Belay arrives, simply switch out the devices, attach the return shipping tag, and use the same box to send your old device back to us. That’s it! You’re all set for another year!

Who is Eligible for Nonstop Belay?

Any customer who owns one or more TRUBLUE Auto Belays, or is planning to purchase one, is eligible. Contact us to purchase a TRUBLUE with a Nonstop Service Plan.

Advantages of Nonstop Belay

In addition to meeting mandatory recertification requirements and eliminating downtime, the Nonstop Belay program offers several other benefits. While you are enrolled in the program, your standard 2-year warranty extends to a lifetime warranty, covering all inspection fees and necessary part replacements. You will also receive one free, pre-installed webbing replacement each year, saving you up to €299 annually, depending on the webbing type.

In terms of convenience, Nonstop Belay eliminates the need to store your own shipping boxes or order new ones if the old ones are damaged. Moreover, shipping is free, and return shipping is quicker and more straightforward than ever.

For facilities needing to recertify several devices simultaneously, Nonstop Belay streamlines the process. You can swap out an entire section of TRUBLUEs in minutes and immediately send back the old ones, saving time and valuable floor space.