1. Meeting and Planning 

Meeting and planing onsite is the most important step, this because then we together look at the site and find out were the best place for the Zipline is located.
  • We will go through your requirements and look at number of visitors today, and what you expect in the future. With our experience we can tell you if the installation is an good investment or not. Maybe Zipline is not the best investment for you and we might see other possibilities at your facility that you have not thought about.
  • Are there any regulations for the site that we most know about?
  • We go through standard and regulation Zipline.
  • How should we build to fit your environment.
  • We look at budget and business plan.

2. Design and economy

With all our experience building Ziplines we can deliver a fast attractive offer for you.
  • Design drawings are made.
  • Safety calculations.
  • Project schedule.
  • Budget.
  • Proposal is delivered to the customer.

3. Manufacturing and installations 

  • As soon as the constructions arrive our team step in and begin the installations.
  • All building and equipment are with CE-standard.
  • After installation is ready, Zipline is tested for safety and certificated by a third part.
  • 4. support and service

  • Support during the next coming years.
  • Staff training every year.
  • Manuals for operation.
  • Rescue plan and training.
  • Safety Inspection every year, all parts and PPE.