Zipline Europe is certified by Headrush Technologies as service center for TruBlue autobelays, Quickflights,(QuickJumps) and ZipStops.

All devices require annual recertification to ensure that your device is still working as per the manufacturer´s specification.
Use of the device without service will render the unit not fit for use and void all warranty.

To give you the highest level of expertise and service we all are trained at Headrush office in Boulder/Colorado.
We allways stock serviceparts for different products so that your facilitity dont have to wait to get the service done.
Dont wait - Get your service booked and done Today
 Download the Inspection device form below.
Product Description
To maintain your Devices warranty and ensure compliance with safety standards, all devices must undergo an annual recertification.
 For customers, following the following procedure.
Add the item to your shopping cart. Note the quantity in your cart must match the number of units you want recertified.
Add any additional items to your shopping cart. For example, you can pre-pay for webbing or pay the late fee if your device is more than 30 days past its recertification due date (printed on your device).
For easy shipping, you can buy a pre-paid shipping label to send your zipSTOP for recertification. Select the “Request Pick-Up Shipping Label” from the optional add-ons during your order. We will email you a shipping label for the box. Pick-up day will be marked on the label.
Complete the checkout process. You will be asked to complete your return address, or where we send the devices back to, during checkout.
To prevent damage from shipping, your device must be packed in its original box (or buy a replacement box). Include a copy of the invoice in each box. Please remove all carabiners, mounting chain, pins, etc. from your unit before sending. We are unable to ensure they will be returned.
For customers, ship your unit(s) to Zipline Europe Scandinavian Service Center:

Zipline Europe AB                                                    Norwegian Customer ship to:  
Saa 404, Local 8                                                               Zipline Europe c/o Rypetoppen Adventure Park
837 97 Are, Sweden                                                  Pb 69
Att: +46 70 551 5925                                                7531 Meråker , Norway
                                                                                        Att: +46 70 551 5925

For service requests and questions contact our service department
by e-mail
or phone +46 70 551 5925